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New Album - Slow
Friday, 06 May 2016 05:56

j-martin_slowBack on Tooth and Nail Records, Starflyer 59 will release their fourteenth studio album, "Slow," on June 17th.

Pre-order the album from MerchNow

Test drive the album at Soundcloud

Discuss the album on our Fan Forum

Read the official announcement at Tooth and Nail Records

Early discussion of the album relates it to Jesus & Mary Chain, The Cure, and Love and Rockets. We're all pretty excited about the album - the genius just won't stop.

How 'bout a tour, Jason?

Forum Facelift
Sunday, 07 February 2016 18:12

In an age of Facebook groups and other social media, we still have an active forum here on our website. It's gotten some much-needed work done on it, and now works on your phone and tablet, too.

We have a few other changes in mind. And we want to hear from you! So head over to the forum and click on Suggestion Box.

Starflyer 59 Releases a New Single
Friday, 30 October 2015 04:34

"Like a Baby"

Released Friday, 30 October in the Year of Our Lord 2015.

Available on iTunes.

New Split Single
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 06:25

Flannelgraph Records has announced a new split single with Starflyer 59 on the a side and Mike Adams At His Honest Weight on the b side.


This is a limited release of 500 copies: 250 vinyls will be pressed in white, 250 in black, and will ship on Friday, October 30. The new album is available for preorder from Flannelgraph Records.

like-a-baby_backHere's the back side. Artwork is by

This is exciting news for all us SF59 fans. And there's still room for LP14, as hinted at on Twitter (see our previous news release).

Thanks to Jason & company for still making music!

LP14 Has Gone Beyond the Rumor Mill
Friday, 25 September 2015 05:56

If you browse our forum, you'll see lots of rumors and speculation about the next Starflyer 59 release. As a professional journalist, I cannot create an article about the new SF59 album for our main page unless there's something more credible, more trustworthy than the information presented in the forum.

My friends, today there's some official word, from the official Twitter account of Starflyer 59:


New Low & Behold Album
Wednesday, 23 September 2015 05:55

lowbeholdLow and Behold is the creative product of Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter and owner of Invisible Creature) and Jason Martin. The announcement from Northern Records says: "Low & Behold is the unlikely collaboration between Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) and Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) - now 7 years in the making. Drawing from Starflyer’s signature brand of shoegaze, and injecting a healthy dose of 80's nostalgia, 'Uppers' is a study in classic darkwave. Reverb-drenched guitars and haunting vocals recall a raw aesthetic of sound pioneered by groups like The Sisters Of Mercy, Depeche Mode, and Echo & The Bunnymen."

Street Date: October 31st

It's slated for release on October 31. Should be a very happy Halloween, indeed.

 You can stream the entire album below.
Monday, 16 February 2015 04:28

In 2005, J. Martin and his guitar player Josh Dooley (MAP, Pony Express, Fine China) teamed up to create a songbook/fakebook of the entire Starflyer 59 back catalog up to that date.

It was titled, "When I Learn to Sing."

It's been 10 years. has received permission to publish an electronic version of the book here on our website. See the new page, "When I Learn to Sing" Songbook, where you'll also find some commentary from Dooley about the chord changes he made for the book.

New Jason Martin Material?
Monday, 05 May 2014 11:59

good-morningFriday morning, David Bazan left an inspiring, cheeky message on his Instagram page: "Good morning, a**holes," along with this picture of an airplane. There was no hint or clue as to where David was flying, except for one comment left by user taniawalsh, "Excited you guys get to all be together today."

An historic event in the making, it seems. New David Bazan material?

A closer look at TW Walsh's Instagram profile on Saturday revealed the presence of Trey Many at this historical event. Take a look at this sure-to-be valuable photograph: 


And so it surfaces that they're borrowing Starflyer 59's drummer for this project. That's good, shows they have some real class.

But yesterday, Sunday, this photo surfaced on Facebook:


The caption for this photo? "RIFFS"

TW Walsh, David Bazan, Trey Many, and Jason Martin have convened in a studio. This writer thinks it's time to rejoice!

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