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Monday, 16 February 2015 04:28

In 2005, J. Martin and his guitar player Josh Dooley (MAP, Pony Express, Fine China) teamed up to create a songbook/fakebook of the entire Starflyer 59 back catalog up to that date.

It was entitled, "When I Learn to Sing."

It's been 10 years. has received permission to publish an electronic version of the book here on our website. See the new page, "When I Learn to Sing" Songbook, where you'll also find some commentary from Dooley about the chord changes he made for the book.

New Jason Martin Material?
Monday, 05 May 2014 11:59

good-morningFriday morning, David Bazan left an inspiring, cheeky message on his Instagram page: "Good morning, a**holes," along with this picture of an airplane. There was no hint or clue as to where David was flying, except for one comment left by user taniawalsh, "Excited you guys get to all be together today."

An historic event in the making, it seems. New David Bazan material?

A closer look at TW Walsh's Instagram profile on Saturday revealed the presence of Trey Many at this historical event. Take a look at this sure-to-be valuable photograph: 


And so it surfaces that they're borrowing Starflyer 59's drummer for this project. That's good, shows they have some real class.

But yesterday, Sunday, this photo surfaced on Facebook:


The caption for this photo? "RIFFS"

TW Walsh, David Bazan, Trey Many, and Jason Martin have convened in a studio. This writer thinks it's time to rejoice!

IAMACEO On Cassette
Friday, 22 February 2013 15:36

Flannelgraph Records will soon be releasing instrumental versions of IAMACEO on cassette.

cassetteYes, that's right. Cassette.

But it does come with a download code so all of us who aren't stuck in the 80's can actually listen to the music.

It's a limited run of 300 cassettes, so head on over to Flannelgraph Records and make your pre-order. It's only $5.59 (plus a small charge for shipping).

Thanks to JaredCheek for giving us the heads up in our discussion forum.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Friday, 25 January 2013 17:57

IAMACEO has been out for some time now, and there's lots of discussion that's been going on about it at our fan forum.

There were a lot more reviews for Changing of the Guard than there seem to be for IAMACEO. Could it be that Tooth and Nail's lackluster promotion of Changing of the Guard garnered more attention than a Kickstarter campaign that was 240% successful?

Regardless, IAMACEO has received positive press from both Down the Line and Jesus Freak Hideout. The overall reviews are very positive about the sound and lyrics, while noting that there is nothing new here, musically.

While that might be true, how many other musicians are still putting out quality albums 20 years later?

Come join the official "IAMACEO" thread at our unofficial fan forum.

Vintage Starflyer 59 News
Friday, 05 October 2012 20:08

There's been a lot of information about the earliest days of Starflyer 59 that has been made available recently. Most of it has been discussed in the forum, but we thought we'd put it all in one place.

  • Before "Starflyer 59" was decided as the band's name, Jason Martin used the name "The Hester Prynnes."
  • Jason once had a short stint as the drummer for Fluffy, an early to mid-90's era band signed to Flying Tart records.
  • Dan Reid, who was given credits for drumming on Silver, did not actually play any of the drums on that album. Jason himself played drums on Silver; Reid was given credit because he was supposed to be in the band and go on tour.
  • Jason gave Brandon Ebel, CEO of Tooth and Nail Records, a demo cassette before he was signed. Information on the forum says this cassette has been unearthed.
  • Starflyer show footage + interview from 1995 in Irvine, Texas (while opening for The Prayer Chain) has been posted on Vimeo. After watching, come discuss the video on the forum.
  • Visions of Gray, a Christian rock/indie/alternative music magazine from the 1990's, did an interview with Starflyer for their July 1994 issue. Kip Bell at has digitized that very issue and made it available for download. Click here to check it out.

And lastly, check out this old photo of a Morella's Forest show (back when Morella's Forest was a Martin band. Rumors say the band name was stolen from Ronnie Martin and exported from California to Dayton, Ohio).

Ronnie Martin is up front on guitar, and that's Jason in the back on drums.

Morella's Forest (1990)


That's all the classic stuff we've been able to dig up lately. Be sure to check out our forums for more timely news than what is delivered on the front page.

SF59 Online Store Now Open
Saturday, 23 June 2012 07:30
sf59_webstoreIf you haven't checked our forums, then you may not know that Starflyer has opened a web store at Undertow.

One of the T-shirts we talked about way back in September is available there. There are some great vinyl and CDs as well.

A lot of test-pressings and other rare finds have already sold out!

Go to the store>>

LP13 Update
Monday, 30 April 2012 14:01

We're a little behind posting this on the site - for those of you who aren't watching the forums, here's the latest updates on the new album:

  • The Kickstarter Project was backed 240%! Jason Martin had a goal of $10,000, and raised over $24,000.
  • A new demo has been released! It's got some great harmonica in it and can be heard at Bandcamp.
  • Reports say the tentative release date for the new album is March of next year.

Wanna discuss the new album? Check out the great discussions going on now at the Starflyer 59 Forum.

More Kickstarter News for the Martin Brothers
Sunday, 08 April 2012 17:23

ejtcWhile it may not be news to all of you, Jason Martin's brother, Ronnie, has a Kickstarter campaign of his own to fund a new Joy Electric album.

Like the Starflyer Kickstarter campaign, Joy Electric's has greatly surpassed its funding goal. But for a Joy Electric fan, the rewards for backing the project are well worth it. Check it out.

And if you've not yet made your Starflyer 59 Kickstarter pledge, you can do so here.

Starflyer 59 and Joy Electric were two of the longest-running and most prolific bands on the Tooth and Nail label. The label's support of both bands was waning in recent years, and it's great to have an opportunity to help both bands carry on.

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